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The Benefits of Respite Care for Caregivers

Providing extensive, comprehensive care for an aging or ill loved one can create an unbreakably close bond between you and the person receiving care. Caregivers offer the love and assistance patients need to successfully navigate their life even with stiff joints or worsening memory. However, many caregivers may also experience intense strain and stress from the constant pressure of being available and present to help their loved one, potentially leading to resentment, anxiety or depression. Respite care can help by providing excellent services for both the patient and the caregiver to maintain a positive, productive relationship.

Taking Care of the Caregiver

Silver Creek Retirement, taking care of the elderly. hospice care. Being a caregiver for a loved one can put an enormous strain on your mental health. Caregivers are responsible for assisting their loved one in all areas of life including feeding, dressing, bathing, driving and shopping, depending upon the patient’s level of independence. With so much to do for another person, caregivers often neglect their own needs in favor of maintaining their loved one’s health and happiness.

It isn’t uncommon for a caregiver to almost never have time to clean their own home, spend time with their family or go on a vacation. With respite care, however, caregivers can arrange for time away from their caregiving duties to relax and enjoy their own lives by catching up on sleep, self-care or quality time with friends and family, knowing their loved one is in good hands with a professional caregiver.

New and Unique Care

Family Care at Silver Creek Retirement. Often, caregivers can only offer their loved ones so much time and energy. Without proper training or knowledge of caregiving best practices, family and friend caregivers can only provide the care they have the time and experience to offer. While the family caregiver takes a much-needed break from the responsibilities of caring for their loved one, professional respite caregivers will provide their patient with a new style of caregiving utilizing industry best practices and therapeutic activities personalized to fulfill the patient’s unique needs. The change in caregiving routine may prove beneficial to the patient and could offer the family caregiver a new perspective on care.

Senior Assistance and Living Services in St. Augustine, FL

Caregivers selflessly carry demanding responsibility on their shoulders. It’s only natural they would crave a little vacation from the hectic caregiving lifestyle. With respite care services provided by the professional caregivers at Silver Creek Retirement and Senior Living, home caregivers can focus on themselves for a change with the knowledge their loved one is receiving only the best care. Contact us online or call 800-940-0988 to learn more about our senior living facilities.

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