What’s the Difference Between Nursing Care and an Assisted Living Community?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding senior care in the United States, which can lead to frustration and a general distrust for all areas of caregiving. However, senior caregiving facilities and communities are there to help take the burden off you and other unpaid caregivers, so your loved one can experience a better quality of life and you can have peace of mind and a more stress-free lifestyle. As you start researching nursing and assisted living communities, you should consider what each can offer and evaluate your loved one’s needs to ensure the best fit possible.

Senior Nursing Care

When you think of senior care, you probably think of nursing care centers. Nursing communities provide thorough assistance with everyday activities like eating, getting up and bathing as well as providing medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nursing care may be the perfect way to help an aging loved one recover after an accident, surgery or medical emergency like a stroke without sacrificing days of your own to provide the attentive care they need and deserve.

Nursing care can help many older, senior citizens have a quality of life in their retirement years. Because nursing centers cater to adults who are typically physically or mentally unable to successfully socialize or be more active, there is less of a focus on hobby clubs, day trips or community activities like dances.

Unfortunately, nursing care has gotten a bad reputation as a neglectful environment, but this is rarely the case. The vast majority of nursing caregivers are dedicated, helpful professionals with an interest in providing quality medical and everyday assistance. Aging adults with cognitive concerns or those who simply don’t have the mobility to complete tasks for themselves can rely on caregivers at a nursing care center to improve their quality of life.

Assisted Living

Today’s senior care industry tends to highlight the importance of “aging in place,” the notion that aging adults will be happier and healthier when they remain at least partially independent. While it’s true that aging in your own home is beneficial, sometimes it just isn’t feasible for the level of care your loved one needs. The next best thing would be to transition to an Silver Creek Retirement can help with your assisted living needs. Right here in St. Augustine, FL. Call today! assisted living community where they can continue to enjoy their own privacy and space, but with the added bonus of assistance when they need it.

Assisted living emphasizes self-care, so your loved one can enjoy their favorite activities in the privacy of their own home, apartment or room without constant supervision. Some assisted living communities offer medical care on-site in the form of an on-staff doctor or a health clinic, but many do not. Typically, assisted living caters to adults who may struggle occasionally with dressing, eating or bathing, without the focus on medical care.

Adults who love to socialize, travel and participate in hobbies can take part in an assisted living community’s clubs or day trips. From trips to the movies to yoga classes, assisted living tends to offer a wide variety of exciting activities for residents, allowing them to interact and make new friends.

Respite Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care Services in St. Augustine, FL

Your loved one deserves to feel safe, secure and happy as they age. Understanding the level of care they require to live a happier, healthier life is a crucial step toward achieving this goal. If they need a significant amount of assistance in their day-to-day life, it may be time to search for a new home that can accommodate these needs.

At Silver Creek, we offer kind, compassionate care and assistance for seniors who may struggle with activities of daily living, as well as incredible amenities and a gorgeous community they can be proud to call home. Whether they need temporary care or a permanent home, Silver Creek ensures your friend or family member has an environment where they can flourish. To schedule your tour of our lovely, resort-style community, give us a call at 800-940-0988 or contact us online!

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