Alzheimer’s Care

When the time comes that additional support is needed for a loved one suffering from memory loss, families often feel overwhelmed. Every situation is unique, but you’re not alone – an estimated 5.8 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer’s, according to the latest studies. Moreover, one in every two families are directly affected by Alzheimer’s disease – and we’re here to help those in need through comprehensive Alzheimer’s care, family support, and a greater empathy and understanding for those dealing with the disease.

Alzheimer’s Care Focused On Each Individual

Alzheimer’s care at Silver Creek can help provide peace of mind for those families dealing with the difficulties of memory loss. Our dedicated staff works together with families to create a plan focused on each individual’s symptoms, causes and treatment options. Based on a deep respect for residents, our philosophy of care centers around treating each individual as we would a member of our own family, recognizing their unique life story and personal needs.

Meaningful Programming & Specialized Therapies

We understand how important it is to find Alzheimer’s care with a strong network of support, and our specially trained associates provide personalized care based on each resident’s personal story – their background, priorities and preferences. Every day is planned with meaningful programming and specialized therapies to help slow the decline and effects of the disease, giving residents the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Thoughtfully designed for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, our memory care residences provide the utmost in safety, security and support. The neighborhood’s open, accessible gathering areas encourage camaraderie among residents and instill a greater a sense of belonging. Above all, Alzheimer’s care at Silver Creek allows loved ones to maintain greater wellness, confidence and quality of life – bringing true reassurance and peace of mind.