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How to Avoid Guilt in the New Year

It’s healthy to set and strive for goals throughout the year, and New Year’s is a perfect time to decide what you want to accomplish in the next twelve months. While most people set exercise and dietary goals, it’s not unheard of to set achievable short-term goals that are meaningful to you, especially if you’re suffering from a chronic illness.

Chronic illnesses and their symptoms may affect your quality of life, but they don’t have to impede you from setting goals you want to achieve. When planning your New Year’s resolutions, take the following ideas into consideration.

Setting Your New Year’s Goals

Thinking of the New Year and setting some goals for getting the lifestyle balance at Silver Creek Retirement. Take this opportunity to treat the new year like a blank slate where you wash away the failures and frustrations of last year to formulate new goals. Now is the perfect time to take another look at the goals you didn’t accomplish, create new tactics to achieve them and try again.

This time around, concentrate on what you can do, rather than dwelling on the things you can’t do. Getting dressed, taking a shower or making your own meals can be a series of small wins that amount to a big one. A series of victories, regardless of where you are in life, can be inspiring and improve mental health. You may surprise yourself and find you’re far more capable at achieving many things than you previously thought.

Some chronic illnesses are aggressive in nature and hard to overcome. In these cases, don’t feel like you need to achieve your goal 100 percent for it to count as a victory. Any level of improvement, whether you accomplished 99 or just one percent of your goal, matters. Focus more on the progress aspect of meeting your goal, as some goals can take months or years to accomplish. What truly matters is you’ve made progress toward reaching your goal and you’ve improved your self-confidence along the way.

Silver Creek Offers Perfect Balance of Lifestyle and Goals

Sometimes people need a little help achieving their goals. Silver Creek Retirement’s assisted living home is committed to helping residents live the life they want, with 24/7 personal support available and state-of-the-art programming and call systems within reach.

The Silver Creek lifestyle provides a perfect balance of upscale living with the warmth and comfort of Balance of lifestyle and family life is important at Silver Creek Retirement. Call us today and see how we can help your family. home. Our community rests on 21 acres of land, full of beautiful mature pine trees and surrounding woodlands. The stunning outdoor views are matched by our welcoming indoor amenities, including floor plans specifically designed to foster community and fellowship with other residents and innovative features intended to support our residents and their various needs.

Experience peace of mind knowing your loved one is being taken care of by caring, thoughtful and attentive staff in a home designed for their comfort and health needs. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see our lovely community for yourself.


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