New Trends In Senior Living

How Communities Are Evolving For The Future

Senior living communities are evolving into something very different than in previous generations, you’ll find today’s communities are full of lively people and engaging opportunities, not to mention fun activities and social events. Silver Creek is no exception – and our community has stayed ahead of industry trends, with several of these already in place.

Look Forward To Modern Retirement Living

Prioritization of Location

Senior living of the future is becoming increasingly more specialized according to location. Seniors and their families are looking for desirable areas that fit their interests and tastes, whether it be shopping, culture, fine dining or recreation – all of which is readily available in St. Augustine.

Customization of Living Options
Today’s seniors are not “one size fits all” and their senior living options shouldn’t be either. Forward-thinking communities are meeting the needs of residents by providing unique levels of living to bridge the gap between traditional levels like independent living, assisted living and memory care. Silver Creek features Concierge Living and Enhanced Assisted Living for those who are looking for something a little different than standard community offerings.  

Dining with a Five-Star Approach

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the dining options available at certain retirement communities, which are very different than bland, cafeteria-style meals you may expect. With an emphasis on fresh, gourmet fare from our experienced culinary team, Silver Creek offers everything from classic home-style dishes to healthy, nutritious options. Between our three distinctive dining venues and our “Always Available” menu, our senior community offers something to satisfy a variety of tastes. 

Holistic Wellness & A Sense of Belonging

While seniors in the past may have delayed moving to a community for too long, modern seniors are recognizing the benefits of moving to a retirement community sooner rather than later – in particular taking advantage of wellbeing in mind, body and soul. Particularly when it comes to combatting social isolation, the benefits of living at a community like Silver Creek make it easier than ever to maintain health and happiness.

Variety & Options in Fitness

Some communities are expanding their available options for seniors to stay in shape and try new things. New, creative classes are the focus as the industry advances to include boutique fitness options – including yoga, walking clubs, tai chi and other opportunities. Silver Creek is always looking for ways to help residents become more health-focused and maintain their physical independence.