Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

Getting Yourself Or A Loved One Comfortable In A New Community

Whether moving yourself or helping a loved one move into a senior living community, you may feel overwhelmed or anxious about making such a big change. We have a few tips to make your senior living apartment feel like home and help in making a smooth transition for everyone involved. By bringing touches of personality and cherished momentos of home into your new apartment, you or your loved one will quickly feel more settled and more comfortable in a new place of residence.


  1. Choose a community that makes you feel at home.
    When looking into different senior living communities, be sure to observe how friendly the staff and residents are and how they all interact with each other. If it’s the right fit, you’ll feel warmly welcomed and at ease.
  2. Check community guidelines. After you’ve found the ideal community, the next important step is to investigate any rules or recommendations the community may have regarding changes to your apartment. By knowing about any restrictions up front, you’ll be able to plan how to make your apartment as homey as possible.
  3. Plan furniture according to the apartment’s layout and square footage. Using our floorplans, you can measure furniture and decide what pieces will best fit in your new space. You can also determine if any new furniture will be needed upon move in.
  4. Bring in touches of your former home. You can get creative in setting up certain areas of your new apartment in a similar way to your previous residence (or that of your loved one.) Especially in the bedroom or sleeping area, you can try using familiar bedding, furniture and décor, to promote greater comfort and relaxation each night.
  5. Add photos and other memories. Every home needs some special keepsakes to make it unique. Framed photos of family, friends and personal mementos will not only make you or your loved one smile and reflect on fond memories but can also serve as conversation starters with new neighbors.
  6. Encourage new connections. After you or your loved one have moved in, it’s time to enjoy all the social opportunities that come with retirement living. Try dining in common areas with other residents, taking part in community activities and visiting with neighbors.
  7. Stay in touch. Even as you begin meeting new people, it’s important to keep in communication with those outside of your community. Once you’re settled, invite visitors to your new apartment and offer to show them around the community. And don’t forget to introduce them to all your new friends and neighbors!
  8. Make room for new memories. You’ll soon be living life to the fullest at your new community and that means making plenty of new memories and sharing fun experiences with friends. Whether creating new décor in art class, adding new photos to your collection or finding a new hobby or interest to incorporate into your daily activities, the more involved you become in your new home, the more at home you will feel.


How To Settle Into Your New Home

It’s completely expected to feel a little out of place in a new setting at first, so don’t worry if it takes some time to feel comfortable. The team at Silver Creek is always here to do whatever it takes to help you or your loved one feel at ease. Once you’ve put these tips into action, it will only be a matter of time until living in your new community feels just like home.